Contact and Bio

I’m Scott LaFoy, an independent imagery and strategic analyst focusing in ballistic missile and missile defense systems, occasionally helping with energy and logistical analysis projects. is my personal blog and personal follow-on to the Iron side of Rice & Iron, a blog I worked on with my academic comrade-in-arms, Yong Kwon.

I also produce and occasionally contribute over at the Arms Control Wonk Podcast, write articles for NK News, and co-authored a report on DPRK cyber operations for CSIS.

If you need to contact me, you’ll find me on twitter under the name wslafoy or on gmail under our old Rice & Iron email, nkfoodblog at gmail.


If you are a media entity and want to make sure your missile-related graphics meet a bare minimum standard of correctness (definitions of missiles, how a missile flight path works, matching names and pictures of missiles), contact me at the above gmail or via twitter.